A warm welcome to all LGBTQ students on Friday 19 September!

Club Kali


It’s the Queer Fresher’s Ball with Club Kali

September students! We guarantee a warm welcome to all you new LGBT students moving to London. Connect with our Queer Kali community, have a ball, make new friends and dance the night away.

London can be exciting, but also isolating for students moving here. Club Kali is a fun, safe party zone where you can be free to be! What’s more, we’re resourceful! If you need any help, we’re well connected and can refer you to the right agency whatever your query! Students? Yes, but you still deserve the best!

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We’re really excited about welcoming you on Friday 19th September.
PS We have a Royal Birthday celebration for our very own Queen Rezzia! All Royalty is cordially invited to join us!

June2014 Kali Bk

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Email us by 12pm noon Friday 19 September!
*£5 Guest List is always limited. (*Valid until 11pm ONLY) Contact us! Feedback? We just love to hear from you.
Club Kali is a members exclusive LGBTQ space.
We’re on Every THIRD Friday Monthly.



Flying you.. Around the World in 80 Tunes..
With Bollywood glam, bhangra beats, and plenty of glitz expertly mixed by the legendary DJ Ritu & DJ Dilz for a hot and spicy night..
@ClubKali Every Third Friday Monthly