We’re on Holiday so Kali is CLOSED in July. Back on Friday 15 August!


Thank you for making Club Kali’s 19th Birthday special!

We missed partying with you all on our regular third Friday of July! However we needed the rest after the awesome birthday celebration! We also mentioned an extra surprise event for you in July which we didn’t manage. We’re sorry but don’t worry. It’s not all fun in the sun as we are excited about finalising our event soon..
A special and personal thank you is also extended to you for sharing your amazing coming out journey with us. You have all in your unique and heart warming way shared a milestone celebration with us by being part of our 19 year history :-)
Watch out for our 20th mega birthday next year with our biggest party yet. Join our mailing list or social media to make sure you don’t miss out on news of all our new events!
Next regular Club Kali Friday 15 August!

June2014 Kali Bk

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Email us by 12pm noon Friday 15 August!
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We’re CLOSED in JULY but keep an eye out Special Kali events!
Back @Dome on Friday 15 August 2014



Flying you.. Around the World in 80 Tunes..
With Bollywood glam, bhangra beats, and plenty of glitz expertly mixed by the legendary DJ Ritu & DJ Dilz for a hot and spicy night..
@ClubKali Every Third Friday Monthly